8/20: I believe in Jacob Black

Yesterday, as I was watching a special on Twilight, this thought came over me and I’m sure it has come across you as well if you are in to the whole fandom. The thought was that the Edward Cullens of this world may come and go sometimes, but the Jacob Blacks are there forever. Now if you do not know me let me tell you this, I am a DIE HARD Edward Cullen fan so saying that I believe in Jacob Black is saying something.

Now I know that Edward stays with Bella in the end, but what if Alice didn’t see him trying to commit vampire suicide? Jacob would be her number one, not Edward.

From personal experience I had my Edward Cullen. He was perfect. I couldn’t see a flaw what-so-ever in him. But then my New Moon moment and it wasn’t as gracious as Edward and Bella’s was. He just up and left me.

Now I’m with my Jacob, and he makes me feel 100x better than my Edward made me feel, though my Edward still has memories that I can’t share with anyone else no matter how much I want to.

I don’t think this makes any sense written out, but it does in my head, plus it’s just a random thought, and I know this is an issue that has come up time and time again in the Twilight fandom: The people who read it compare it to their lives and for some odd reason it makes sense in both realms.

I just wanted to come out and officially say as a now Team Switzerland, that I believe in Jacob Black and understand why those Team Jacob people love him so much. XP


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