5/18: Ideas, Dentist, and Wii Tennis

There has been a tragedy in my life. No nothing really personal, but the computer that I use to upload videos and pictures on to because it’s the only one with Bluetooth on it (a.k.a. my sister’s computer) has died. =( Some stupid person dropped it and it’s beyond the point of repair. So as I get in the swing of things on YouTube this happens and then I am put on another hiatus until I get money to fix my computer and get a memory card. Which is gonna be awhile because no one is looking at my applications that I have sent in!!! I need a job people!! It’s kinda hard to pay for stuff that you mother is making you pay when you DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY!!! Anywho…that means that this blog and my other one and all of my fanfiction is going to be updated more often! There’s a schedule of when my writings are going up on Fangirl so check out that if you are interested.

I hope someone hires me soon.

I went to the dentist today and that was sort of fun. Not. I really hate the dentist. The sounds of the pick thingy scraping my teeth drives me nuts. On the other hand the masostic (is that how you spell it?) side of me loves the pain of it all. Weird huh? Plus the lady who does the teeth cleaning talks and asks me questions WHILE she has her hands in my mouth and they aren’t yes or no questions either, so I’m being paranoid trying not to bite her fingers off while answering her question. That really kinda bothers me. Why do you do that nosy dental hygenists? All in all they still can’t believe that I am 19 because my wisdom teeth have yet to come in and they still think I’ve had braces because apparently my teeth are so perfect. Riddle me this Mr. DDS: If my teeth are so perfect how come I can see/feel the flaws?

So when I got back from one of my least favorite places in the world I started to play Wii Tennis. It has to be one of my favorite games on there ever! But it has made me realize that I’m very mean and explicit towards the Miis that I play against. Really glad my mom wasn’t here to hear me. Oh well.

Another day has passed and another one approaches. No sister again tonight. I think I shall steal her comfy bed.



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