First day of BEDA! And the most loathed ‘holiday’ by me…

Happy BEDA everyone!!! I can’t believe I can actually do something Nerdfighterish without interference. If you’ve known me for awhile you’ll get that last statement. Anywho..Hello! For those who are incountering me or this blog for the first time lemme welcome you with a hug for I am a huggy person. I write about random things and have another blog that’s devoted to the multiple fandoms I am apart of which you can view here. So there’s my very short intro of myself to you guys and on to the other stuff that makes this a post!

So as all of you know it’s April Fool’s Day and if you read my last post I said that I had a prank to pull on you all but when I woke up this morning I decided not too because then I became all nostalgic and thought about the jokes played on me and they weren’t nice. Plus I can never pull one off. Not even a nice haha funny one. I’m also bad at telling jokes because I crack up in the middle of them. Unless they’re knock-knock jokes then I’m good at those, but other than that no I can’t tell jokes unless you think I’m a joke. Oh well moving right along..*starts to sing Movin’ Right Along from the Muppet Movie* (Yeah I break out into song sometimes..bad habit I know).

Why do we even have April Fool’s Day? It’s really stupid like Valentine’s Day. Why do we have stupid pointless holidays? I think in the case of Valentine’s Day it’s pointless because I personally believe that if you are with someone you really care about you don’t need one day to tell them how much you care for them and what not. Everyday should be Valentine’s day in relationships not one day out of the year. As for April Fool’s Day, WTF? Truely it’s like either national opposite day or make some one feel like shit day. Now I wonder about the kids that are born on this day and their mother’s in the delivery room. Especially if they had the one doctor who was really into the day and the mother births the baby and he says something like, “It’s a boy!” when you were planning for a girl, or something cruel like something is wrong with your baby and then they go “April Fools!” That would be just awful. By the way I can get pretty pessimistic about things sorry…I am normally a happy person, but the road leads to pessimism and then comes back to happy.

Well that’s my schpeel for the day. Hope you’ll still read this blog tomorrow! And if you want to get to know me better follow me on Twitter! http://twitter.com/misamille

Until tomorrow!



1 Response to “First day of BEDA! And the most loathed ‘holiday’ by me…”

  1. April 2, 2009 at 4:30 am

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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