Another pre-BEDA post but this time full of melancoly…

Yesterday my day ended on a high note. Talked to friends that I haven’t talked to in ages, planned the rest of my year out, got some cleaning done, talked to my loverly boyfriend, and fell asleep watching Bo Burnham on Comedy Central even though I have his special on DVD now.

I think falling asleep was the worst thing that I could have done because I had some very unpleasant dreams that involved my ex-boyfriend’s family but not him which was really weird and now I really want to know what the hell my unconcious was trying to tell me. Not that I really believe in reading into dreams that much its just I know when I dream something there’s a point to those waves forming images in my head. So then I woke up rather late to this sinus pressure that has been building itself in my head since last night and it’s really awful.

Once I was fully awake I go to the computer like normal, let it update, and get on Twitter to see what everyone is up to after I tweet my intial morning tweet adding the fact that I feel like shit. My loverly friend @hptwilighter then is so kind to inform me that Kristina of Five Awesome Girls and wrock band The Parselmouths fame has announced on the 5AG channel that one third of The Parselmouths has quit. This makes me more upset.

Then when I am feeling a little bit over it, my friend calls me and announces that he’s going to be shipped to Iraq in a few months and be gone for a year. This just uberly depresses me for the last time someone I knew went to Iraq he was killed in gunfire right before he was to come home. The sadness increases.

As I’m being sad for that I get a DM from my friend who I was going to see in Chicago in a few weeks to see How To Be. She tells me that her job is sending her away that week so everything we were planning was thrown out the window. Now it feels like the world is trying to tell me something that is not clicking in my head and it’s bothering me.

The funny thing of all of this is that with all of my Twitter friends trying to cheer me up someone that I follow indirectly cheered me up by Tweeting something in binary. Didn’t really read what she typed but I knew it was binary and that cheered me up. I think it very odd that that was the thing that cheered me up and none of the efforts of my friends did. I’m sorry guys if you read this. My mind is very weird today and I blame my weirdness for that.

So if you follow me on Twitter you have already seen this progress through my tweets and it may sound redundant but I needed to form it all out in complete sentenses and complain to someone. Apparently I can’t spell today either.

I have a lot more to complain about but I’m not going to because I don’t really wanna sound like the whiny bitch that I’m not.

Until tomorrow,


P.S. Tomorrow is the first day of BEDA and April Fools Day and I have a good one planned for you guys tomorrow. You won’t know if it’s real or not! hehehe


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