Blog Every Day in April (BEDA)

If you follow the loverly Maureen Johnson on Twitter you will know that she has inspired the lot of her followers and admirers, myself included in the lot, to blog or vlog everyday in April.

Well to get in the habit before the offical start of it all I’m blogging today and tommorow. Plus this allows me to put more on this blog than I have been putting on here.

So I’ve planned out everything social event wise for this year today. In two weeks I should be in Chicago visting dear friends and going to see How To Be! Very excited about that. Then in the summer I’m going on a road trip with friends to see other friends and new places and to attend the 7/8/09 You Tube gathering in NYC!! That’s gonna be so much fun!! Which reminds me I have to do an emergency vlog to BrettTheIntern! It’s is birthday on the fifth and I promised him a cake and since I don’t have his address I’m going to make a birthday video for him that includes a cake! Then after that loverly road trip I’m off to TwiCon!!! I’m gonna have sooooooo much fun this year I can feel it! ^^

I have also decided to start doing my fan fiction again. I need to finish one of them and I’m thinking of taking down my Snape one because I really can’t get back into that plot. I love it and it’s my baby cause it was my first, but I can’t get past the first chapter. It’s sad and lazy on my part, but I just don’t know what to do with it. Plus I don’t think many people liked it that much…oh well. The fan fictions and other random writings are going to be posted on my LiveJournal. Fan fictions can also be found on fanfiction.net under their titles or my author profile: Misamille.

Now I’m doing BEDA only on this blog and not on Fangirl. I’ve decided Fangirl is going to be updated once a week on Fridays unless something major happpens and it deserves a post longer than a Random Moment.

So until tomorrow!

~lydia! ^^


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