Me bitching about why everything right now results in me blaming Chris

So Friday was a good day. Saw a movie I’ve been waiting a month for, hung out with two of my best friends, and flirted with a really cute guy at Chili’s. Saturday was a good day too. I hung out on Twitter and talked to some of my best Twitter friends and was on IM with one of my besties, Fifi. They all made me feel good and I haven’t felt that happy in such a long time, but then Sunday comes along. My bestest friend in the whole wide world said he would hang out with me since we haven’t done that in FOREVER! So I get all dolled up because 1) I’m somewhat newly single and I thought I could get a repeat of Friday night and 2) I found one of my sexy tops in the clean laundry pile and I had an excuse to wear it. So I get ready and I wait around the house for him to show up and we can go do something together.

7:30 rolls around, he’s not here. Call his phone. Nothing. 8:00 comes around still no sign. Then, as I’m watching TV, a commercial comes on for Halo Wars (which I wish I had a 360 to play it). It then clicks in my mind that he ditched me for Halo. It might have been work related cause 1) he works at a video game store and 2) Halo Wars came out at midnight. This pisses me off entirely cause I know in my deepest heart of hearts that he really did ditch me and forgot to tell me. Also, this was one of the causes my now ex-boyfriend and I are now exs and he knows this too.

So I’m at home now really upset that he forgot me and I decide to take a long bubble bath, and while I’m taking this bath it hits me: Why the hell do they do this to me? Every guy that I know in real life ditches me at some point in time because of gaming. And it’s just not guys it’s girls too. Is there something so wrong with me that I have to be ignored and ditched for a game? I’m a proud gamer and fangirl of many things, but not once have I ditched them for anything. Not a single time.

And this makes me bring all of this back to the guy that hurt me the most and made me doubt all gamers, especially if you play WOW (sorry), and now he’s making me doubt my best friend whom I concider my serrogate brother.

So thank you Chris, for effing up my life indirectly.



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